About Us

Ubenwa is a Montreal-based startup building the future of automated sound-based medical diagnostics by leveraging cutting-edge AI research. We have developed the first technology for rapid detection of neurological and respiratory conditions in infants using only their cry sounds. We are a team of award-winning scientists, engineers and medical professionals. Our technology is based on years of scientific research in close collaboration with Mila - the Québec AI Institute and the McGill University Health Center. Ubenwa’s technology has applications in primary health care, clinical trials, and in guiding neurodevelopmental care. Our investors are experienced venture capital firms -- Radical Ventures and AIX Ventures -- as well as AI luminaries such as Yoshua Bengio, the founder of Mila; Pieter Abbeel, robotics entrepreneur and professor at UC Berkeley; and Hugo Larochelle, head of Google Brain in Montreal.

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